Wednesday, December 11, 2013

As winters arrive, every one rushes to the shop to buy the winter lotion cream, skim lotion and moisturizers which will protect their skin from harsh winter.

Interestingly, a bit of secondary research on the internet will tell you that middle-class Indian buys more moisturizers than any other skincare product. As we know, every large-sector FMCG company today has at least one moisturizer brand in the market.

A product test conducted by the Consumer Voice shows that not all brands fare equally so far as quality is concerned. While none of the ones we tested were unsafe or unhealthy, some did score better as they were true to their claims and were better value for money.

Our tests are primarily based on the ‘related’ Indian Standard, IS: 6608-2008, which is set for skin creams. Our test report suggests that in an overall performance Dove, Vaseline and Parachute were the top three brands.

The key ingredient total fatty substance (TFS) was found highest in Vaseline, followed by Boro Plus. It was lowest in Lacto Calamine. The ‘total residue’ was higher in Vaseline followed by Boro Plus, it was lowest in Vivel.

However, the effect of moisturizer on skin was maximum in the case of Dove, followed by Parachute and Nivea, it was lowest in Vivel and Lotus. (To read more: get Consumer Voice magazine at your doorstep)