Monday, February 24, 2014

A global survey for the last quarter of 2013 by Nielson Co. has ranked India second in consumer confidence after Indonesia.

According to a Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions for quarter 2013, consumer confidence points for India in the Q4 were at 115 compared with 112 in the previous quarter. “India is at second place amongst countries measured in the survey. Indonesia, indexed at 124, leads the index globally,” states survey, according to media.

The survey also suggested that at least 62% of online respondents indicated that India was facing an economic crisis, down 14 per cent points from last quarter (76%).

Expressing his views on the survey, Nielsen India Pvt Ltd president Piyush Mathur told media, “The last quarter of 2013 sees optimism for consumers influenced by relative economic stability and a reduction in negative news across economic parameters.”