Thursday, July 21, 2011

By Smriti Das
We are privileged that we are living in an independent democratic country. We are independent citizens who have right to information, right to act, right to say, right to express etc. etc. etc... but is that really so???? Do we really have right or freedom of expression? 
India's current stance is little confusing to understand. On one hand, people are using slangs in songs and dialogues of movies without a beep, on the other hand people have to face strong protest if they say that their origin resembles to that of a political leader... But why is it like so...Nobody is there to stop corrupt people from taking bribes, to make them realise what they are doing is purely unethical, nobody is eying on what the so-called news channels telling us is really true or those are just their own biased opinions. If nobody is bothered about those serious issues, why everyone is making a fuss by jumping on the totally personal comments of an individual? Why are the khap panchayats so bothered about the love between a boy and a girl, why they don't let them do what they want to do. In our country, love is considered as a sin, but murder, rape, unethical marketing ploys which are used to fool consumers,  are considered nothing but part and parcel of modern India... I just want to ask where is India a new level where everything is going to be perfect or to a place where only the unethical things exist...      


simi chaudhary said...

It is true, nobody is bothered about good or bad. Everybody is running to gain personal profit. The Centre should seriously think about it. Is somebody listening?