Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Bhopal-based couple was scheduled to attend wedding reception of their daughter in Delhi last year. But they were aghast to hear an announcement at railway station that the train was running late by six hours. They had to miss one of most important events of their daughter's life for no fault of theirs.

Deciding not to give up and determined to get justice they moved consumer court against railways in consumer forum Bhopal.

A former governor of Meghalaya, who had booked an AIR China ticket from Bhopal last year, had to remain hungry for 11 hours after he boarded a flight just because he was served non-vegetarian food. He had opted for vegetarian while booking his ticket.

Both cases are still being heard in consumers' court. Later, he filed a complaint with the Consumer Forum of Bhopal to demand compensation. Many other people have knocked on doors of consumer forum after such harrowing experiences.

Talking exclusively to TOI, Rakesh Saksena, Judge MP State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission and Akhilesh Pandya, Judge District Consumer Court said many consumers are still not aware of their rights.

Urging consumers not to forget to take bill or receipt for goods purchased by them, Rakesh Saksena said "The court always asks for evidence and a vigilant consumer can do needful by always taking bill."

Pandya said, "A consumer is anyone who is paying money to avail services in return and anybody who is not satisfied with services in return for money can come to the consumer court."

He said train passengers often miss to exercise their basic consumer right travelling in a reserved compartment. While travelling by reserved compartment, it is responsibility of the coach attendant to take care of their belongings because passenger has paid extra money to get compartment. It is also duty of the coach attendant not to allow any person without ticket In case a passenger doesn't get this service, he has a right to filed complaint with consumer forum."

"There are cases where people are fighting for justice for even popcorn worth Rs 60. A girl from Bhopal bought popcorn from a mall fell sick after eating the stuff. She found insects in packet. After filing a case in consumer court, she was paid Rs 10,000 as compensation," he said.

Grievances like poor quality food in railways, planes, bad hotel services, consumers can always present an affidavit of co-passenger. Grievances of bona fide consumers are always heard."


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Yes consumer is king in all means but consumer is himself is not fully aware about his power and rights. The Consumers Eye Pakistan TCEP, a non-profit, Consumer NGO, working since 2005 for Consumer Empowerment in Pakistan, TCEP’s vision is a world where everyone has access to safe and sustainable goods and services. it includes adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and safe drinking water in Pakistan. TCEP campaign against any behavior that threatens ignores or abuses the principles of consumer protection with the aim of getting every Pakistani consumer a fairer deal to put the rights of consumers at the heart of decision-making.

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