Friday, June 7, 2013

One in ten people have revealed that they are addicted to their smartphone, according to a new study.
The US study conducted on 2,000 college students has found that ten per cent respondents have claimed to have a full-blown addiction to the gadgets, the Sun reported.
The study found that 85% people constantly checked their phones for the time, while three-quarters slept beside it
Meanwhile, counsellor Peter Smith, who reported a ten per cent increase in Brits seeking help for smartphone addiction at his clinic, said that smartphone users feel they’ve got more control to communicate with whoever they want but ironically, it’s that sense of control that creates the anxiety.
He said that it has made younger people more dependent on maintaining those contacts, which can create issues from bullying, to being marginalised and excluded.
Smith added that not having a phone raises the heart rate and signs of panic and these symptoms are almost identical to alcoholism or addiction to gambling, food or drugs.