Thursday, May 23, 2013

So don't stick them in your eyes kids
A French health agency is warning that some types of LED lights are really bad for your eyes.

The National Health Security agency warns that the light scattered by the blue LEDs, used to give a white light, pose risks to the retina and may alter the pigments of retinal cells. In addition, this type of light would also have consequences on AMD, the macular degeneration age-related illness not the chipmaker and aggravating effects on other eye conditions.

The agency has warned consumers about three types of diodes and LEDs which it thinks are riskier than conventional lighting should be withdrawn. The agency also asked manufacturers to develop a labelling system on products using diodes to better inform consumers.

Not all LEDs are evil. All have advantages, including a low cost, low power consumption and long life and some do not make you blind, the watchdog barked.